Kitchen Display System

What is KDS and how it can contribute to boosting your restaurant sales?

February 28, 2020

Any restaurant, whether big or small, can benefit from the Kitchen display system. It substitutes paper and printed restaurant orders with a digital screen. Moreover, it is connected to the restaurant’s point-of-sale system. Basically, it acts as a mediator between the chef and the staff.

When an order is done, it is marked as fulfilled by closing the ticket and clearing the screen. The Kitchen display system is gaining fame restaurant industry where quick delivery is the key element. This system streamlines the kitchen’s basic operations like restaurant food ordering system, communication, inventory, and guarantees faster delivery. Besides this, you can monitor the preparation time for each order.

In the present times, Kitchen Display System has become the necessity of every restaurant.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of KDS installation, which will let you decide why you should invest in one.

 1. Faster Delivery

A restaurant kitchen is the busiest area, where the chief process takes place i.e. food preparation. Sometimes hand-written orders or notes are hard to read, get spoiled or misplaced, which leads to errors. All these problems get resolved easily just by installing KDS, easy to read wide display system.

Furthermore, Kitchen Display System acts as a repository. The restaurant staff is intimidated when a customer makes changes in the order in real-time. This lets the staff acts quickly, instead of waiting for the service staff to get the order. Kitchen staff can also track the meal preparation time and accordingly increase the working speed.

2. Manage Cooking time

It is crucial that the food reaching the customer table should be fresh. KDS can manage the cooking time and make sure food items with longer duration reach on time.

3. Controls Wastage and Inventory Management

You can reduce the wastage by installing KDS, and eradicate errors caused by waiters, which leads to wastage of food. KDS keeps track of order volume and inventory levels and notifies you when ingredients become low.

It also prevents delayed orders due to the lack of ingredients and also prevents staff to extemporize customer’s orders. Besides this, this system is eco-friendly and helps you save a lot of paper.

4. More convenience for the staff

Orders keep updating on the digital screen and all the kitchen staff can access the order information. Earlier, waiters used to tell the order details to the staff, and then the order was prepared. Now all the information is there on the screen, so they can plan their work accordingly.

5. Displays information more effectively

Orders can be easily prioritized with the help of the Kitchen display system. It divides pending orders and new orders and notifies you on orders that require instant action.

The Kitchen display system has completely transformed the restaurant operations by managing the restaurant ordering system and making it more reformed.

Invest in KDS today if you are somehow connected with the restaurant industry, this will not only streamline the restaurant food preparation process but will also create a better customer experience. After all, happy customers mean good profits!

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