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How a Small Business Can Benefit From IP Cameras Installation

February 28, 2020

Small business owners work hard. They are the one who arrives first and leave last; they often take their work home with them to make sure their business is as successful as possible. This is the reason, many business owners don’t go on holiday and, when they go, they the whole time worrying about how things are running in their absence. Topmost concern for small business owners is theft, as it can have devastating effects. Therefore, a quality IP camera installation is a worthwhile investment for peace of mind.

Let’s check the top reasons why a small business owner can benefit from an IP camera installation.

1. Reviewing incidents

A high-quality IP camera with detailed coverage allows business owners to go back and check incidents to examine what happened. For example, if something goes missing, reviewing the video will reveal what exactly happened.

IP cameras can also be valuable from a liability point of view. Slip-and-fall claims are common, but sometimes turn out to be wrong. Without a video to confirm claims, it could be costly. Another example could be the case of a customer who claims they were short-changed or a supplier who claims to have delivered four cases of commodities but only three are in the storeroom. Instead of wasting time counting money in the cash register or arguing with the supplier over what has been delivered, the business owner could simply review video footage to determine is lying.

2. Checking in

For small business owners with IP cameras, holidays can be relaxing. Instead of sitting on a beach worrying about their business, a business owner can use their Smartphone to view live or recorded video remotely. That peace of mind is priceless.

In addition to that, IP cameras allow users to set up separate notifications on activities. For example, if a store remains closed between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am, an action rule could be set up to handle movement during those hours. This would trigger an alert to be sent to the mobile device of the owner, who could then examine the footage through the app to establish the cause and if it is an issue, in real-time. This is useful in the retail sector where customers keep entering certain areas throughout the day, but no one should be in the store once it is closed. The person who is authorized to receive the alerts for every incident can be adjusted individually and according to the business’ requirements.

3. Multi-user access to save time

When it comes to small businesses, such as restaurants or convenience stores, it can be helpful for both managers as well as owners to keep a check on the business. Multi-user access allows several users to remotely view and manage a surveillance solution to strengthen the level of safety, security, and productivity. Furthermore, managers and owners, installers can also have access to timely perform maintenance work. This can save a lot of time and money as the installers don’t need to send a technician to the site to restart or update the cameras.

A lifelong solution

These are just a few of the benefits IP cameras offer small business owners. IP cameras are inexpensive, easy to operate and offer the flexibility to examine operations from remotely, giving small businesses the power to work smarter.

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