Voice and Data Cabling

Essential things to consider before installing voice and data cabling

February 28, 2020

As the name suggests, voice and data cabling is a system of cabling that can handle voice as well as data. This includes data network cabling, basic phone system cabling, coax cabling, surveillance camera wiring server room cabling, video cabling, wireless network infrastructure cabling. Some of the major voice and data cabling standards are Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7.

In other words, voice and data cabling is the infrastructure that makes up an organization network that has the ability to adapt and develop with future technology and allows the business to expand year by year.

The quality of cabling is absolutely necessary for all businesses. Initially, voice and data installation may seem daunting but its benefits more than justify this major undertaking. When installing voice and data cabling there are a few essential things to keep in mind.

 1. Planning is crucial

As technology is constantly evolving, it is important for business owners to future proof their businesses with the appropriate wiring choice. One should keep in mind that the higher the specification of the cabling, the longer the life of the network. As technology changes, it is important that your business has space to expand without any limitations unnecessarily imposed by your cable and wiring network.

2. Test network regularly

It is necessary to test voice and data cabling on a regular basis. Hiring a professional to ensure that your wiring is still up to specifications and allowing your network to perform well is hugely beneficial. This testing should occur every 10 years at least, though if any significant changes are made, then it is important to test again. It is also essential that the network is tested by experienced and certified engineers; as all electricians don’t have the requisite experience.

3. Cutting corners does not pay off

While it is easier to go for the cheaper option, low-cost cables come with a risk of potential downtime for the business. Every element should be of the topmost quality; this ensures that the network will function appropriately and a business owner can be confident that the network will last for a lifetime. All elements right from the cables to routers, switches, and the hubs are as important as each other. One flaw could potentially slow down the whole network and even cause downtime for the business.

Why do we need voice and data cabling?

Voice and data cabling is an important part of an infrastructure that ensures optimal performance from the network. VoIP telephone, conference calls, video chat all depends on a strong and fast cable network. In addition to requiring high speeds, these technologies need a great deal of bandwidth to work efficiently and to avoid downtime.

By investing in the right voice and data cabling system, business owners can future-proof their IT infrastructure and avoid these issues further down the line. A strong voice and data cable system help to ensure the accessibility of the infrastructure with a direct effect on the bottom line.

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